The Cause Of All Trouble

By Christopher J Smith

All pain and suffering, greed, war, destruction and the breakdown of relationships are the result of one thing; it’s the reason why at this moment the human race collectively is destroying itself and all things around it.

It all comes from no other reason, and can all be traced back to the fact that we believe ourselves to only be the body and mind. Therefore believing ourselves to be separate from everything else. From this sense of separation comes fear, the fear of not enough and most of all the fear of death.

You see the body and mind has a built in survival mechanism that is in place to protect and preserve the human organism. The mind is the command centre of the body; it is literally a self preservation machine. The problem is we have come to believe we are this machine, and therefore survival of the “one” has become our primary concern at the expense of the rest, and survival is always based in fear.

So believing we are the body and mind including the thought processes that accompany it, we have over time accumulated these thoughts and created a sense of identity out of them. A mental dialog has been created of who we “think” we are. A mental self image consisting of likes, dislikes, wants, desires, and judgements and beliefs. So because we believe these things are part of who we are from our identification with them, we often fight to protect and preserve them. Hence the wars, violence, anger, greed and the breakdown of relationships.

If someone is threatening to trample upon a person’s beliefs, they may see that as a personal attack to who they are and the above reactions are often the result. So the cause of all trouble is one belief against another, it is personality fighting personality without any understanding for each other’s perspective. The great story of the blind men and the elephant demonstrates this perfectly;

Several citizens ran into a hot argument about God and different religions, and each one could not agree to a common answer. So they came to the Lord Buddha to find out what exactly God looks like.

The Buddha asked his disciples to get a large magnificent elephant and four blind men. He then brought the four blind to the elephant and told them to find out what the elephant would “look” like. The first blind men touched the elephant leg and reported that it “looked” like a pillar. The second blind man touched the elephant tummy and said that an elephant was a wall. The third blind man touched the elephant ear and said that it was a piece of cloth.

The fourth blind man hold on to the tail and described the elephant as a piece of rope. And all of them ran into a hot argument about the “appearance” of an elephant.

The five senses of the mind cannot fully grasp the truth, therefore to argue over it is to argue like the blind men in the above story. The minute we allow other people to be as they are and believe what they want to believe is the time when trouble between fellow humans will diminish, and then from this open mindedness we can truly begin to dialogue and learn from each other.

Think how far we could go and what we could achieve when that becomes the case, now that would be evolution.

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