Trend Breaks – Pay Attention Here!

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Pay attention here, we just witnessed trend breaks on some index charts and these breaks are coming at a key time and could spell more trouble to come.

Speaking of key time, who says twitter trolls are good for nothing. If anything, they sometime can serve as contrarian sentiment checks. I sensed markets were reaching a potential turning point over the last few days as I got my usual "perma bear" hate trolling on twitter. I tend to get this a lot near key market pivot points.

I got the obsessive perma bear hate labels last year in the run-up to Lying Highs. Oddly enough I didn't get any of the perma bear hate in December when markets were plunging 20%. And ironically I didn't get perma bear hate when I was bullish in December. But once $SPX reached 2940 and they came back.

Yes trolls on twitter are rather selective and like to distort for their own reasons. It's silly of course as objective readers actually know me not to be a perma bear. I can&
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