Transmitted Romances


But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

At first, I was looking through titles of books which coincide with my research for my Kindle. Then, The Holy Spirit told me, “Don’t you see it?” I didn’t understand so I continued with the list…again…when putting in a certain topic or key words, they would come up again. Titles of romance novels, but not just any kind of romance, but the kind which reared its ugly head thousands of years ago although it wasn’t in books, of course. It was the subject line that was parallel.
Most people read The Holy Bible and never think twice about the key Scriptures pertaining to this matter.
Fallen angels are key to discerning ALL of The Bible, did you know that?
Fallen angels coming onto this planet and having intimate relations with human and animals. In Genesis 6:4; we have THE (second) most important prophetic Scriptures relating to current affairs. The first would be when Satan told Eve that she could become a god.
So what was the BIG concern of The Holy Spirit?
It was the fact that angels having sex with humans was HUGE in the days of Noah and as is everything that’s cyclical (which is how GOD works), we have the same issues happening now.
People would disagree…I know. And they will continue to disagree until the VERY DAY when these demonic entities will manifest before the entire planet and it will be undeniable. This is specifically described in Joel 2.

Matthew 24 (KJV)
But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

There was only TWO times in The Bible which relate to this. And VERY FEW people lived through it to tell about it.


DAYZZZZ of Noah & Lot
Your either asleep or away.
Either you realize what was happening then, and understand The Bible, or you don’t have a CLUE!
The days of Noah were full of wickedness and the thoughts of men were continually evil. The world was corrupt and full of violence. Love waxed cold in those days and the days of Lot, sexually immorality and homosexuality was out of control. So much so that GOD blasted the cities of Sodom and Gomorrha. Strange flesh?

Jude 7 (KJV)
1 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.
There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good, treacherous, rash, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of GOD.
This present world is EXACTLY like the days of Noah….no wait…WORSE!
What did GOD do in these two examples? HE made an example for us. Did we learn from these examples? NO.

In the book of Joel, it clearly describes what is happening and is going to take place. It begins by saying….in those days. This phrase is ALWAYS describing the last days!
Speaking of prostituting our children…describes exactly what the elite is doing. Pedophilia is an in-your-face reality. And even though you may not realize it, AMERICAN IDOL is part of that whole scenario.
This chapter/book describes the reaping, the harvest. The days of darkness…



So, what was it that The Holy Spirit wanted me to relay?

What was it that was happening in Genesis 6? What about the comment about Satan tempting Eve? How does this connect?
It’s all about changing GOD’S Image within us.
There are many out there that are oblivious to the fact that fallen angels polluted mankind’s DNA. Satan didn’t complete (rid the earth of the bloodline of David which would bring forth Jesus Christ) his feat…even though he has tried again and again.
Today’s geneticists and molecular biologists have been completing technical wonders such as gene splicing and cloning for a number of years now, although they are have accomplished these evil deeds in secret…it’s no secret that the prying eyes of Satan has guided these people.
Well, these deeds were taught to them by fallen angels. Genomics is not new.
The same agenda holds true for transhumanism which would ultimately change man’s DNA into a hybrid of half man/half machine allowing the consciousness to be ‘downloaded’ into a machine and ultimately becoming immoral/god.
Certainly at no prior time of history have humans been able to “play GOD” with the genome as they do now. The rush to embrace the ghoulish possibilities of cloning and embryonic stem cell manipulation may be reminiscent of that long ago time.
Keeping these ‘thoughts’ at the forefront of man’s conscious is a key objective. How are they doing this?

Strings-Wallpapers is a popular online shopping site. You can just about find anything there!
Place into the search bar….the words…”fallen angels”….and what do you get? Of course, you get the few men and women who are researching and opening peoples minds to the fact of the past, present and future as it relates to these entities but you also get this:
Who would have ever thought?
Paranormal Romance. Seriously!
Paranormal Angel Romance!

So, what’s the BIG DEAL?
Some are asking this exact question, right? Well, it is a big deal. It’s yet again another ploy of Satan’s to rip apart what GOD made.
To have a woman read a love/romance novel about mating with angels? You don’t think this is BIG?
Oh, it’s huge! It can allow a connection to a fallen angel to be made. This connection can cause great sins to be manifested in one’s life. This is no different than channeling…it can and will bring demons into your life. Lust is a big sin. These books create lust. They create idolization. They create chaos. Don’t be deceived.

Don’t get involved in SOUL TIES.


STD’S – Sexually Transmitted WHAT?
That’s right! Not that sexually transmitted disease wasn’t bad enough! Sexually transmitted demons.
It matters who you lay with. It matters more than you will ever know. Your mind wrestles with spiritual principalities and you don’t even realize it.
Have you ever thought, or said….why is it that the SAME type of guy/gal that you got rid of is in your face! Some people even ask themselves, “Do I have a sign on my face that says scum bags needed here?”
I can’t count how many times I’ve heard someone ask how it is that the same type of person is attracted to them. Do they have a magnet?
Sex has always been with us from the beginning of time and it is a gift from above when shared under the context of proper execution but in this modern time of the “sweet” sinful transgressions, it has been packaged to be even more  titillating and seductive than ever before and at the present time ranks right up there with a game of touch football or a Sunday afternoon with the fellas watching a good game of football with the accompanying huge kegs of beer! Right?
Sex is powerful. Sex is not to be misused, abused or disrespected.
But the devil knows this and this is why he uses the internet, the television, the movies and hijacks entire cultures covertly to infuse it with things to titillate us sexually to lead us into doom by an urge that is GOD given but must be utilized in the proper controlled manner in order to be something that is good for you.
There are many ways to be infected with a demon, but the biggest causes are sexual abuse and drug addiction. It is also possible, they say, to catch a demon by having sex with prostitutes, being physical or emotionally abused, and by sinning.
Otherwise known as a SOUL TIE! The act of sexual intercourse has consequences!
You can never scrub hard enough or get the feeling that you are completely clean when you feel this way. Let’s hope that you didn’t contract an STD, better known as a Sexually Transmitted Disease. But even worse than an STD is an “STD!” Yes, the “STD” in this case stands for a “Sexually Transmitted Demon!”
If you’ve stepped out of the umbrella of GOD’S protection, then you are vulnerable to catching a demon. And if you’re abused, sexually or otherwise, and the feelings that it brings, because of the hate and the hurt and the shame, can cause Satan to attack you. True. Even after such a horrible event, it can open you up for more abuse.
Your soul is considered your mind, your will and your emotions – your intellect, your desires and your feelings. You can be soul-tied to a person, place or thing and even to a demon.
Sexual intercourse can allow the exchange of attached entities between two people. The thoughts, desires and behaviors of an attached entity are experienced as the person’s own thoughts, desires and behaviors.
Soul ties can happen as a result of having sex with someone, or they can be the reason that you have sex with someone. A soul tie can trick you into thinking that you are “in love” with a person – making you want to tie together physically, in the same way that you are tied together in soul.

When two people have sex, those two people become one. The same way that the physical bodies of the man and woman lock together and become one interlocked unit, so do their soul and spirit bodies.


Every human being consists of three distinct bodies — spirit, soul and flesh – that function in unity with one another, as one unit.

Each of those bodies operate in a different realm and each impacts the interactions of your entire human experience. Sexual activity causes two people to connect and become one in all three realms, thus allowing for the transmission of demonic spirits from one person to the other.
You must understand that for the entire time that you were in a relationship with this person that you’ve welcomed their demons into your life with open arms so don’t think that they took all of their demons and entities with them when they left! Many are still with you, influencing your every thought and whispering/seducing you into a possible position for an entirely new union with another person who has more desirable weaknesses for them to exploit more drama into your life.
Every human being consists of three distinct bodies — spirit, soul and flesh – that function in unity with one another, as one unit. Each of those bodies operate in a different realm and each impacts the interactions of your entire human experience. Sexual activity causes two people to connect and become one in all three realms, thus allowing for the transmission of demonic spirits from one person to the other – the same way that sexual activity allows for the transmission of venereal diseases, such as chlamydia, herpes and HIV, from one person to another.

STDs: Sexually Transmitted Demons. Every demon has a nature and specific corresponding characteristics. That is why groups of people who have no connection to each other but that are infested with the same type of demonic spirit, behave in very similar ways. We call them “stereotypes” but they are nothing less than “familiar spirits” that shape the character and personality of those that they influence.
What I am trying to get you to understand is that those changes that take place in your life after you get into a sexual relationship with someone are not a coincidence! They are a direct result of sexually transmitted demons.
You may think that you can pick up a sexually transmitted demon and just go to the spiritual free clinic (church), and get a dose of spiritual antibiotics (prayer) and go on about your business, unaffected by what you’ve done. But this is not so.
Just as there are some sexually transmitted diseases that there are no cure for, there are some sexually transmitted demons that will stay with you indefinitely.
Some venereal diseases cause permanent damage to the body such as impotence, erectile dysfunction, uterine pain, cervical and prostate cancer and worst of all – sterility (not being able to produce offspring)!
But, sexually transmitted demons can have the same impact on your destiny and purpose in the spirit realm!
We often take sex so frivolously, regarding it as just a physical act. But I assure you that sex is much more spiritual than it is physical and even if you can use a condom to prevent the transmission of natural STDs, there is no condom to protect yourself from the transmission of spiritual STDs.
1 Corinthians 6:16
What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh.


When I was taking art, I was taught the “one-point perspective”. It is popular drawing method with architects and illustrators. One point perspective is a drawing method that shows how things appear to get smaller as they get further away, converging towards a single ‘vanishing point’ on the horizon line.
Although you get the jest of it, my point is this; this is a challenging aspect of life. To view the past, present and future to come to the PNR. Point of no return.
The point of no return is the point beyond which one must continue on one’s current course of action because turning back is physically impossible, prohibitively expensive, or dangerous.
Within this perspective is how people have ‘burned one’s bridges’. Following a path from which there’s no return, committing oneself to a choice which is impossible to break.
With GOD, you are always given choices. And even though you may feel as if you cannot come back from those mistakes, GOD will always wrap HIS Arms around you if…IF you repent and take Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. This is THE BRIDGE. The Only Bridge.

GOD, I boldly approach Your throne of Grace, covered in the shed blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus Christ’s Mighty Name, I ask you to cut any and all ungodly soul ties between myself and anyone else created by any relationship, sexual or otherwise, known or unknown, remembered or forgotten.
In Jesus Christ’s Holy Name, I ask You to break any and all commitments, contracts, agreements, dedications and vows made over me. I cast out any demonic forces which may have come into my life by ungodly soul ties or any other sin. In Jesus Christ’s Precious and Holy Name, I ask. Amen.

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