Traditional Catholic Laments Church in Ruins

ruins.jpgThe whole organization is so poisoned
by homosexuals,
pedophiles,  Freemasons, Communists to name a few
that I
personally cannot see any way back.”

John writes: I am a 50 year old Irishman living in the north of Ireland. I have been Catholic from birth. I had been away from the Catholic church for over 20 years; I came back after much soul searching and flirting with atheism for a while. I came back to the church around five years ago after becoming interested in the old Latin mass. I then attended my first Latin mass as an adult and my life began to change before the mass was over.

by John

Your article on the Catholic church brought to mind the many reasons why I left this cult posing as the “Catholic church.”  

This group may have control of the buildings and the money – but they left the true church behind long ago. The liberal reader may try to tell me that what we have now is a natural result of many years of reform and modernization of an old church.

I was told these things too, that the church was stuck in the past, ignoring  problems caused by our way of life, that we needed a new church and the old one was past its sell-by date.

The truth is that the Vatican-controlled church has given away any right to call itself “Catholic” by its abandonment of the original church of Christ.

The hardest thing I have found is to get people to realize that by attending mass etc at these churches you are partaking in a protestant ceremony; there is absolutely nothing Catholic there at all.

I have found traditionalist Catholic friends of mine getting caught up in trying to “reform the reform” but they can’t see that these people calling themselves the church leaders are so far removed from Catholicism that there is nothing left to reform or repair.

The so-called reforms of Vatican 2 threw away the true catholic liturgy and adopted a Protestantized liturgy. The priests ordained from 1969 are ordained with an invalid rite, and most other rites have been rendered invalid too.

Does no one remember that Fr. Gabriele Amorth (probably the most famous living exorcist) complained that when the “church” revised the rite of exorcism, it was rendered virtually useless? He is quoted in Wikipedia as saying – the new rite of exorcism is “a farce. An incredible obstacle that is likely to prevent us from acting against the demon.”

Lets see how far he would get with the new  “kumbaya” version. He still uses the old version…

The whole organization is so poisoned by homosexuals, pedophiles, Freemasons, Communists to name a few that I personally cannot see any way back. The power-hungry pervs will never let go of what remains. There has been a total loss of control of parishes, nuns, priests and the lower echelons of the church that it should come as no surprise to anyone that homosexuality, divorce, contraception and the like are actively promoted by “clergy.”

Who among us has not come across an effeminate priest in their time? there seem to be so many of them about these days that a person could be forgiven for thinking it was a prerequisite for the Vatican 2 priesthood.


However, there is some good news, the real Catholic church still exists in the western world – but only in small groups such as the SSPX, SSPV and other independent priests and their churches.

People need to remember that the Latin Rite may be the largest part of the Catholic church but it is not the only one. The eastern Catholic church still survives in the Greek and the Ukrainian Catholic Rites (and a few other small rites.)

These people will go on without the Vatican and we could find one day that the center of the True Catholic church is in the east not the west. I don’t say things will be easy but I have no doubt that the Catholic church will survive.

I plan to move east (Europe) when I retire so I will have access to a valid church .

As Jesus said – “…I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it.” (Matt. 16:18b)


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