Toxic Jabs Harm, Natural Immunity Prevents Infection

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Toxic Jabs Harm Heath, Natural Immunity Prevents Infection

by Stephen Lendman

Days earlier, participants in a Stop the Shot conference denounced medical tyranny in the US since last year — especially since toxic mass-jabbing began.

Hospitals are involved in what's going on by following health-destroying protocols over known safe and effective flu/covid treatments.

If contract the viral illness, hospitalization may be hazardous to recovery — a shocking indictment of what medicine that's polar opposite what it should be all about.

According to international law and medical ethics, prioritizing the health, well-being and fundamental rights of patients is mandated over all other considerations.

On all things flu/covid, what's going on breaches this core principle.

A Truth for Health Foundation conference denounced the practice of using dangerous drugs and expensive treatments by hospitals over life-saving protocols.

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