Torture: 50 Real Torture Methods Explained

Torture: 50 Real Torture Methods Explained

Extraordinary torture and execution methods

A must see for anyone curious about this kind of strange middle age cruelness

I must admit, although I am somewhat ashamed, these kind of bizarre things are the reason I surf the internet.

I hope that people who are about to read this book are as curious and squeamish as I am and as a result of that – no one will get offended.

„Torture: 50 Real Torture Methods Explained“ is a must read & see for anyone who is not offended easily and is curious about subjects beyond what is allowed on TV.

This book will unveil 50 photographs or illustrations with execution and torture methods, which are all explained individually below every picture.

I really hope this book will show you something you haven‘t seen before!

That‘s my main goal with this book…

Don’t pass on this book!

List price: $11.99

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