Throw Down The Gauntlet And Stand Firm, America, Or Die As Cowardly Slaves –

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News Story Source: By Don Boys, Ph.D.
Tyrants are alive and well during these Covid days. If you tremble with righteous anger when tyrants raise a clenched fist to crush the innocent and helpless, then you and I can become friends, even if you're a Liberal. 

Yes, I'm getting mellow at my advanced age. But then, mellow is only one stage from being rotten, so we can at least be friendly. 

Righteous anger is producing stirrings of courage, convictions, and commitment around the globe. 

A few days ago, thousands of physicians told national governments they are resisting their totalitarianism and will not take it anymore. They declared government officials are not in charge of health care, and in attempting to control it, they are tyrants and totalitarians. Such officials would also be ordinary thugs. 

It was September 29 of this year that more than 6700 physicians threw down the gauntlet and demanded an end to the medical tyranny that national and international health officials had force
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