Three-wheeled Solo electric vehicle motors past Elio on way to market

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News Story Source: by CC Weiss
On the other hand, the similar Electra Meccanica Solo three-wheeler only hit our radar back in June of this year, but it's already set to beat Elio to market. Canada's Electra made things official last week, introducing the model and announcing 2017 deliveries.

When we looked at it a few months ago, the Solo was really just some renderings and a few specs on paper, making us wonder if it was yet another oddball vehicle project that would fall by the wayside, never to be heard from again. But things got more serious over the weekend when Electra Meccanica rolled out the Solo at the Luxury and Supercar event in Vancouver.

The Solo's basic description and primary specs haven't changed much since June – it's still a single-seat, 992-lb (450-kg) three-wheeler with an 82-hp (61-kW) electric motor driving its rear wheel.

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