THREE Ohio Judges Die Suddenly Within Two Weeks After Vaccine Mandate!

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News Story Source: by Tyler
I am no Pythagoras but I can confirm that the odds of three Cuyahoga County Judges passing away over the course of nine days would be mathematically improbable.

Oh, and it happened right after a mandatory vaccine mandate was passed.


You decide.

Cleveland 19 News has been tracking this story:

Judge Jones served on the bench there since 2009, more than 12 years.

He also held a seat as a Cleveland Municipal Court judge for 21 years.

Jones worked as an assistant prosecutor and councilperson before becoming a judge, according to a news release from the Ohio 8th District Court of Appeals.

Jones is the third Cuyahoga County judge to pass away in the last two weeks.

Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge Joseph Russo died on Oct. 2 at 59 years old.

Nancy McDonnell, the first female Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas judge, died on Sept. 28.

What makes this story all the more compelling is these deaths came only week
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