Three Ideas To End The Rot On College Campuses

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News Story Source:, by Charles Lipson
Overnight, they reverted to their original name, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, and then for several years became the Redlegs. The anti-communism was justified; the mob mentality was not.

Today, we are all Redlegs. This time, the repression is coming from the left.

It's not just that a careless word can cost your job, it's that people tremble in fear that they might say the wrong word. Today, as in the past, the loudest, most extreme voices claim the right to control speech and judge whether it is worthy of being heard at all. The giants of technology and media have either bowed to these demands or embraced them enthusiastically. The result, as in the early 1950s, is a shriveled, impoverished public square. Genuine debate is suppressed, even in classrooms, which should nurture informed discussion with multiple viewpoints. All too often they have become pipelines for indoctrination.

What's wrong with this rigid groupthink?

First, it takes real problems, s
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