Thomas Sowell on the Subtle Tyranny of "Anointed" Social Justice Champions

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News Story Source:, Bradley Thomas
In his, 1995 book The Vision of the Anointed, Thomas Sowell observed that an elite cadre of Americans, without having been appointed by anyone, declared their superior morality and their critical role in correcting society's wrongs.

Sowell's description was quite prescient and is still relevant today, more than two decades after the book's publication. Today's anointed continue to have the hubris to believe it is their role, with their superior vision and ideas, to rescue the victims of society's "oppression" by imposing their collective will onto others. 

As Sowell explained, the anointed—a loose class consisting of members of elite media institutions, academics, and progressive politicians—believe it is their role to rescue victimized and under-privileged classes. Their default mechanism for correcting perceived injustices is invariably the state

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