These Are The 7 Companies Amazon May Purchase Next

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News Story Source:, by Tyler Durden
Fast forward two days, when Amazon's disruption appears to have started earlier than even MS anticipated, after a CNBC report that AWS CEO Andy Jassy is planning to announce that Amazon is teaming up with Cerner, one of the world's largest health technology companies, to help health-care providers better use their data to make health predictions about patient populations.

Yet while Amazon is pursuing aggressive market share theft in the healthcare sector, in retail it is expected to have a more amicable approach, and according to a note by Citi, shortly after its acquisition of upscale grocery chain Whole Foods, the next corporate move by the world's richest man will be to buy a prominent retailer. The question is which.

As Citi's Paul Lejuez explains, when AMZN bought WFM in June 2017, it led many to believe that AMZN might have aspirations to establish more of a bricks and mortar presence in the US. Citi also argues that while "grocery is different" (a
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