I just love The Bible and I especially love diving into it, word for word. A great tool for this is E-Sword Bible. Of course…we will have scoffers who ask, “Why are you using this?” Well, the original Bible was written in two languages. Aramaic and Hebrew….and I cannot speak, nor read either…therefore I chose the King James Version in accordance with;
Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance


Hebrews 4:12
Heb 4:12 ForG1063 theG3588 wordG3056 of GodG2316 is quick,G2198 andG2532 powerful,G1756 andG2532 sharperG5114 thanG5228 anyG3956 twoedgedG1366 sword,G3162 piercingG1338 evenG2532 toG891 the dividing asunderG3311 of(G5037) soulG5590 andG2532 spirit,G4151 andG5037 of the jointsG719 andG2532 marrow,G3452 andG2532 is a discernerG2924 of the thoughtsG1761 andG2532 intentsG1771 of the heart.G2588


The Word of GOD is self-explanatory.
Quick…means alive! With life, and living. Simply put…AMAZING!

Powerful…active, operative. Always operational, with supernatural power!

Sharper…keen. I also take this as an intelligence issue too. There is NO one or anything smarter than GOD! Amen.

Two-edged… if two sides of the same blade are sharp, it cuts both ways. Does this imply that it works for the natural and supernatural? I believe so. This could also imply that it has a favorable and unfavorable outcome depending on which side you draw from.

Piercing…to reach through. To penetrate. To get to the ‘heart’ of the matter!


Dividing Asunder…Some believe that our spirit and soul are two different entities, but only GOD’S Word can separate the two. As with the example beforehand…the heart? We don’t speak of the pumping organ but the supernatural essence. For instance, “Listen to your heart?” This does not imply that you are to listen to the heartbeats but to your supernatural voice. This Voice, to me, is The Holy Spirit talking to you. I believe the same for the ‘gut feeling’ some people speak of. Or the ‘instinctive feeling’ one gets…it tells you right from wrong. I believe this is The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is directing you and you should listen. Take heed. And once you learn that voice, you will get better at responding to The Holy Spirit!
The Word of GOD “divides asunder” or separates the soul and spirit of man because they are two separate and distinct entities. There would be no need to divide them if they were the same. For instance, if you tried to separate water from water, you would find it is impossible. You cannot separate something from itself.
But two distinct entities can be separated. For example, when water and dirt are mixed together in a container, the muddy water is still basically made up of two different elements: water and dirt. If left undisturbed, the mud would settle to the bottom of the container. The mud could be separated from the water, because dirt and water are two separate entities.
Similarly, although the spirit and soul are intertwined within the nature of each of person, they can be separated from each other because they are two separate entities. But they can only be separated and distinguished by the Word of GOD.

Of Soul…breathe. Spirit. Soul. Life. Mind.

Praying hands

Praying hands

Of Spirit…air, breathe. Spirit. Superhuman…meaning angel, demon, or GOD. This is interesting, don’t you think? Makes me question when we die and pass over…does our soul cease to exist? These two examples side-by-side seem to suggest just that. Or does it?



Marrow…a soft fatty substance in the cavities of bones, in which blood cells are produced (often taken as typifying strength and vitality). When a person gets cancer, the marrow is affected and they grown weak. With a bone marrow transplant, the person is likely to reverse their diagnosis if the person’s marrow was a match. Doctors use needles to withdraw liquid marrow (where the body’s blood-forming cells are made) from both sides of the back of your pelvic bone. This is amazing if you think about it. A match? Considering that 70% of patients in need of a marrow transplant do not have a matching donor in their family, this is huge.
The fact that life, vitality is within your blood cells is proof enough for me to understand how GOD works!


Discerner…GOD was the First Discerner! We are chosen to be, if GOD thinks we are capable. Of course anyone can discern…I’m speaking of a supernatural discernment. GOD discerns our thoughts and intentions of the heart. GOD knows us better than we know ourselves.


To me…the KJV is the only Bible that gives us the true intentions of GOD. Many will argue but I don’t care. My question is this…if you believe this is not the case, then HOW can you tell others that they can/cannot add or subtract from it?
Truth is inspiring, it is guarded by GOD, and will triumph over all opposition!


Casting Crowns – The Word Is Alive

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