The Valley, Part 5

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
(Continued from Part 4)

The next day, the boy went back to his usual problems and activities, but soon he noticed that things had changed. PeopleContinued from Part 4 were looking at him oddly: some with respect, and some, quite surprisingly, with hate in their eyes. He stopped and asked them why they were angry at him. "We are not angry," they said, and quickly left him.

That night, he again saw his two friends, and they told him what had happened: The friends of the Remahs (there were several of the Valley who were close to the Remahs) were whispering quietly to the other people of the Valley.

"What are they saying? Asked the boy. "Are they telling people I am bad?"

His friends, the boy and girl, looked at each other, and he knew that they didn't want to hurt him by telling him.

"What is it?" He asked again.

The boy gathered his courage. "They are not saying anything bad about you," he said. "They are…&qu
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