The Valley, Part 4

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Feature Article by Paul Rosenberg
(Continued from Part 3)

It wasn't long before the boy snuck out to the place where his magic box was buried. He went in the middle of a dark, cold, rainy night, so that no one would see what he was doing.

He dug up the box with ease. This surprised him, since he had thought the box was buried very deeply, but he soon realized that he had been much smaller at the time and what had seemed deep to him then, wasn't at all deep to him now.

He refilled the hole, put the magic box into a bag and went home as quickly and quietly as he could. Once inside his house, he washed the box, put it in a safe place, and went to bed.

Beginning the very next evening, and every evening after, he would close all of his curtains and examine the box. After so long in the ground, it didn't work very well, but it did work a little, and the more he practiced with it, the better it became.

Then, one night, he took out the old carved wood. As he placed it next to the magic box on his
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