The Truth About School

Kids spend thirteen years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for ‘real’ life, yet when they get out they don’t have any real skills.

Yes, we’re taught how to read and write and to perform some basic math but we aren’t taught how to think for ourselves. We aren’t taught the principles of logic or how to question an ideology.

What we are taught is how to sit at a desk and listen obediently as the world is packaged into a neat little box that we are to accept without question. We’re taught to regurgitate that information for tests, to give the answers that those in authority demand but most of all we’re conditioned to conform, and the reward for faithfully jumping through all of these hoops for thirteen years is a worthless piece of paper that no employer even asks to see.

This system isn’t designed to prepare children for the real world, it is designed to format their minds and condition them for a life of subservience. It is designed to create a population of individuals just smart enough to fill out paperwork and punch a timecard but too stupid to question the system itself or the authority of those running it.

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