The Truth about Beyonce, Jay-Z, Solange, Israel and Mark Zuckerberg (The Illuminati World)

Take a Lie Detector Test!


I know dam good and well that Tina Knowles did not just roll her fat Creole Ass out in the public and feed into this whole thing about Beyoncé and Jay Z getting or not getting a divorce. 

This just insults my high intelligence.  First off, when Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s Sister) got into the fight with Jay Z in the elevator, it was not about Rihanna nor was it about Jay-Z’s cheating (Beyoncé has already accepted that madness) but instead it was about Solange being upset that Jay Z had promised to kill Beyoncé and make her his wife because Solange was tired of playing second trumpet to Beyoncé.

Solange’s entire life has always been about getting Beyoncé’s hand me downs.  Beyoncé looked better, had better clothes, better hair and always won more trophies.  Solange felt that she never really had her time to shine.  Women are not like men.  Men can have a competition and still remain life long friends, women are jealous of every other woman around them, including their sisters; in the same manner that some aging women get jealous of their daughters.

  • A man should always treat a whore like a queen and a queen like a ho. 

The reason why Beyoncé is not divorcing Jay Z is because Jay Z has choked and abused Beyoncé to the point that she has passed out and he did this because he was under the evil Illuminati of Solange Knowles. Beyoncé loves to be beat and hit…like most women (no matter what they say).  Sometimes, you gotta pull their hair, slam them against the wall, and fuck them.  If you do this, that woman will never leave you, unless she is a street ho, and in that case you buy her gifts.  Treat a queen like a ho and ho like a queen.  That’s all any man needs to know about women.

Ya see, Solange was raging with fury and anger, when it was announced that Dr. Dre was handed some fake, artificial Federal Reserve Notes, making him a billionaire for some stupid head phones. 

  • These people are not billionaires because they drive the Illuminati Agenda forward or direct world events in a rapidly tailored manner (Like I am often asked to do) but instead the U.S. along with the Anglo Countries have this habit of trying to sell the public on either kike domination, artificial, here to day & gone tomorrow rap/tech/sports/career politicians or they use their fake media to try and give young children a sick fetish for old ass white men like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates or Rupert Murdoch (A fucking Kike-Nazi Aussie that just needs to get the fuck out of the U.S.)..

After Solange had the elevator incident, Jay Z promised her that he would kill Beyoncé, making Solange the Queen and even took her to a jewelry store in N.Y.  But Solange was not satisfied, so she came to the heart of the Illuminati-Hollywood, which is basically from where that Illuminati Arco-BP Gas Station (Illuminati Pyramids is Arco’s Logo) starts on Sunset and Fairfax, up in the West Hollywood Hills and all the way down Sunset Strip, which bleeds into Beverly Hills.

21st Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party - Inside 

This is where the young Hollywood Illuminati Types (Miley Cyrus, Paris Hilton) allow themselves to be gang banged by well connected Hollywood People in Zionist-Israel-Lucifer Rituals.  Solange was seeking an Illuminati Hit Man to have her sister killed. Solange wanted it all!


I dare Beyoncé to take a lie detector test and try to pass it, when asked about Jay Z choking her and slamming her against walls.  I guarantee that Beyoncé can not pass this test.  This test must be administered in a country like Finland because in the U.S. or UK, Italy, Spain, Greece or any other country that is now under Kike Goldman Sachs Illuminati Control, they wills simply lie and run a fake Matrix Hollywood Program.


Saudi Arabia is now bad mouthing ISIS and my Islamic State, but before the early 1930’s there were no Saudi Royal Families, the entire “Royal” Blood Lines of the current Royal Families in Asia, Africa and the Mid East are a newly created phenomenon.  

  • Prince William, is one of the last people that has verifiable DNA which actually dates back to thousands of years, even before Western Europe even saw civilization.


Saudi Arabia just paid off the UN, 500 Million Dollars to hide the fact that Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf States, like Qatar, are Zionist Run. In fact, when the Nazis and UN created Israel, under the guise of a “Jewish State” it was Saudi Arabia, in 1948 that rolled over and kissed the ass of the Zionist but yet they criticized ISIS for trying to carve out a state, that is free from the tyranny of The West, Zionist, Kurds and Shia Iran?  It is laughable.  Almost as laughable as Netanyahu trying to pretend to be Jewish, when his son is about to marry a gentile from Northern Europe.  Israel is actually brilliant….a brilliant con job.

World Leaders Attend UN General Assembly

The Nazi, Zionist used a Jewish Cover Story at the UN, to create a pagan/atheist state in 1948 (most of Israel is atheist or pagan) and the first thing Israel did, after its fake formation, was lay claim to oil/gas reserves off the Mediterranean and start up genocide against Mid East Jews, Sephardic Jews and Palestinians.

  • The settlements being built in Israel aren’t being built by Jews but instead these are Germans, Brits, Dutch and American Developers that are simply creating real estate. 
  • Countries in the Mid East have been there for thousands of years but yet the UN and Zionist-Nazis along with Anglo and Standard Oil can simply create a fake “Jewish State” and now Australia actually thinks that they have rights to the Mediterranean?  That would be like El Salvador, coming into the U.S., declaring a Catholic-El Salvador MS-13 State and using an army to lay claim to Mt. Rushmore or the Statue of Liberty.  Israel is insane and the entire narrative is insanely dumb.


Notice that when Goldman-Sachs and the racist kikes handed Mark Zuckerberg 19 Billion to front a CIA Spy Program aka Facebook, he used his “tech bullshit” snot nose money to lobby for illegal immigrants but when these illegal immigrant children were being trafficked in by the Texas Chamber of Commerce, Halliburton and Obama Admin and being locked up in cages, Mark Zuckerberg did not offer one dime to house these children in hotels or at least one of his four homes, which he purchased last year in California. 

  • Mark Zuckerberg, like all tech people and Americans, that benefited from that fraud and manufactured Federal Reserve Banking Bailout Mess, aren’t real elites and really do not have the DNA to be long term global mover and shakers. 
  • Its all funny money and since I aint getting none of it; I aint doing not one more god dam thing for these lesser people and their fake “elite-hood”.  I accept that the world has elites and I have no problem with real royalty (never did prior to 2008) but ever since this banker bail out Fed Reserve mess, it is like every Tom, Dick and Twitter Snot Nose Kid, now thinks they are an elite.  Kiss my ass!

Rome did not rise from Western Europe, the entire government system of Rome, came out of Mali, Africa and rose up through the Mid East and into lower/Central Europe.  The British have two left feet. 


  • The British and many of these old countries were set for extinction by the so called “technocrats” but each time that I have helped the British get on a global track, they have embarrassed me and if it were not for Prince William, I would utter jump in bed with the technocrats and utterly destroy the entire Anglo Cluster Fuck of Countries by bringing in the age of China and India but I saved them because of my love/loyalty for Prince William. 

Prince William was still in the military and the British wanted to go into Latin America, so when I lobbied for them (British) to get into Latin America, the technocrats showed them mowing down Latinos in Peru.  It was a major set back but I still hung in with them.

The British wanted to go into Africa, so when I lobbied the elites, for that to happen, they used some fake “green company” to mow down an entire African Village and the technocrats put that all over the media, even though the technocrats (China/India and their Euro Nazi Handlers) have killed more blacks and latinos, than Europeans killed in both WW1 and WW2 combined.  So, finally when Prince William was ready to become King, once again the British, with their two left feet, stayed naming shit after this tired old hag Queen Elizabeth and the very un charismatic Prince Charles. 

  • So, being that Prince William has not yet been named King, at this point in time, the British are not to be considered global players, should be investigated for child trafficking, along with Israel and everything named after Queen Elizabeth in the UK should be blown up by ISIS.

I literally handed the British the entire world and a charismatic world leader (Prince William) and they can not even get that right!

So, the people and countries that you think are going to stop ISIS, do not even know their heads from their butts,  Do not try and stop our Islamic State or I will destroy you!

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