The Secret Society

The Secret Society

Outsiders have always thought that Skull & Bones is the most mysterious and exclusive of Yale’s secret societies. But they’re wrong, dead wrong. It pales in comparison to the Devil’s Den.

Located in a haunting, windowless building in the middle of campus, the Devil’s Den is so secretive that no one has ever been seen either entering or leaving its premises. Rumors abound as to who its members are and what goes on behind its closed doors.

The Den’s alumni supposedly include some of the country’s most powerful businessmen and government leaders. But just how widespread is their influence? And just how far are they willing to go to achieve their goals?

Justin Karl, a Yale senior and a columnist for the Yale Daily News, has always considered himself an outsider standing on the sidelines of lifeā€”an observer who simply records the activities and lives of other people. But everything dramatically changes for Justin once he becomes ensnared by the Den and its intricate scheme. When he finally discovers the truth, the whole terrible truth, Justin finds himself in a race against the clock to foil the Devil’s Den and to prevent the course of American history from being drastically altered.

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