The Ouster and Death of Manuel Noriega

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
The Ouster and Death of Manuel Noriega

by Stephen Lendman

Noreiga was Washington's man in Panama from December 1983 until yearend 1989, a valued CIA asset until forgetting who's boss, no longer convenient stooge enough for his imperial master.

On December 20, 1989, President GHW Bush launched naked aggression on Panama to prove his toughness, targeting a defenseless nation no match for America's military.

For two brutal weeks until Noriega surrendered on January 20, 1990, thousands of Panamanians were killed or wounded, many thousands more displaced. Residential neighborhoods were attacked and destroyed in parts of the country's poorest areas, including by incendiary devices used to torch structures.

Tanks crushed victims. Panamanian defense force members, civilians, journalists and others were executed in cold blood on the pretext of wanting Noreiga captured.

Washington knew where he was, but permitted a killing rampage in the
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