The NLP Practitioner Manual

The NLP Practitioner Manual

The NLP Practitioner Manual is a complete companion for any NLP Practitioner training. You can read it as ‘an Introduction to NLP’ and follow along with the techniques and exercises, or you can use it to add depth to any NLP Practitioner training. NLP Trainers can even buy the book direct from the publisher at a discount to use it as their own course textbook. The NLP Practitioner Manual contains all of the SNLP core syllabus and much more. The NLP Model of Subjective Experience The Presuppositions of NLP State SubModalities Anchoring Sliding Anchors and Collapsing Anchors Swish Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Swish Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic Squash Rapport Pacing and Leading Well Formed Outcomes Strategy Elicitation and Modelling Metaprograms Meta Model Milton Model The Elman Induction The Six Step Reframe The Fast Phobia Cure Timeline and Structure of Time Most importantly, The NLP Practitioner Manual revisits many of NLP’s core techniques, combining the author’s 20 years experience in NLP with the very latest practical advancements. The NLP Practitioner Manual shows you how to make many of NLP’s techniques much easier to use and therefore more powerful: Learn how to use anchoring properly, and make it work easily, every time. Understand how the Swish actually works and do it anywhere, anytime, with complete discretion and elegance. Deconstruct complex techniques such as the Fast Phobia Cure and Six Step Reframe so that you can thoroughly understand how they work and adapt them to your client. The NLP Practitioner Manual is the most complete, up to date and readable companion for NLP Practitioner training. It even includes chapters on starting and growing your own successful professional practice, attracting clients and delivering high quality professional services.

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