The Night I Saved Chris Brown’s Soul from Rihanna. (Illuminati Happenings in West Hollywood)

Rihanna & Chris Brown Exposed! (How to Exorcise the Rihanna Demon from One’s Soul)
 Chris Brown says that he loves Rihanna
Dear Chris Brown,
Seeing how you have once again fallen to Rihanna’s Demonic Temptations, I do not wish to hear, see nor speak to you for at least a good six months.  I only have one thing to say to you Mr. Brown……Matthew 10:16  Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents.
There is back story on Chris Brown and Rihanna.  I would say that after Rihanna attempted to stage the murder of Chris Brown in Hancock Park (An Area Directly Below Hollywood) before she became possessed, enraged and beat herself up that Rihanna has refused to let Chris Brown out of her clutches.
Even when Chris Brown was in a Virginia State Jail, Rihanna was harassing his parents.
After Chris Brown got released and took a place in West Hollywood, Rihanna started making death threats and actually became more heavily involved in the Illuminati at this time.
After Rihanna’s 5th degree Illuminati Initiation, which is actually higher than both Jay-Z and Beyonce, she got the power of procession & became big headed….drunk with Lucifer’s wine. All of her human-ness was castrated out of her soul.  The girl is evil.
What is the Illuminati Ritual for a living human to posses another living human?  It is a very guarded secret by the Illuminati but I can tell you that it involves the invoking of demons, to act as an aid in the training of Out of Body Travel, that enables one to “at-will” rip their soul away from its fleshy house.
This Illuminati Ritual can only take place between April and September because anything after September and before April is considered the “dead zone” by the Illuminati meaning that one’s energy can not be controlled due to the Sun being further away from the Earth around these months and of course in the lower Hemisphere of the Earth, this ritual time frame is reversed.
Now there are only about 30 black people that live in West Hollywood and after Rihanna stated up her demonic attacks on Chris Brown he was waking up with screaming fits and even had cases of levitation.  In fact, Chris Brown was actually about to be dragged to court by his neighbors for disturbing the peace, when in reality his problems were all due to his involvement with Rihanna.
Since Chris Brown is back seeing Rihanna, which he never really stopped even after I warned him about that girl, I feel that our confidentiality agreement is null & void.
I had to go to Chris Brown’s place, when he was still living in West Hollywood and down the block from me, on about five occasions to aid him with exorcising Rihanna.
Anyone that follows Chris Brown and Rihanna you will see that Rihanna is and has always been the aggressor in that cluster fuck of drama, which they call a relationship. Rihanna has always said, “If I cant have Chris Brown then no one can have him” and in public she has always harassed the model girl that Chris Brown was dating. 
Anyone that follows Rihanna on twitter, which I do not, can clearly see that Rihanna was enraged when Chris Brown started dating other women.
When ever you have an occult trained witch like Rihanna wrapped up in that much jealously, anger and rage at a person, the victim of the occult trained witch will fall victim to bad luck and possession…maybe even death.
  1. The reason why husbands and wives should never go to bed angry at one another is because at night, while they sleep, it is possible for the soul, still angry from the events earlier, to travel out of the body and induce psychic or even physical harm onto their spouse. 
  1. So, if an untrained person can inflict physical harm onto a spouse simply from going to bed upset, what in the hell can an Illuminati Trained Witch like Rihanna do?  This bitch does damage!
One night Rihanna even levitated Chris Brown off of his bed via her possession techniques.  I was over at Chris Brown’s home because he had issues with sleeping for months and he suspected that it was either Rhianna, Jay Z or the CIA sending someone into his home to drug him up.
We all know Rihanna is a good girl gone bad, but sometimes the Barbadian beauty goes above and beyond her usual naughtiness. Do you think Rihanna’s still red hot or has she completely burned out? From risque photo shoots to wearing nothing but body paint, check out the sexy singer’s most Rated R moments.” src=”!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_635/rihanna.jpg” alt=”Rihanna in sexy photo shoots for Esquire, Vogue, GQ and her music video.” width=”634″ height=”500″ />
It was so fucking freaky in April of 2012, to see this dude levitating like a Beyonce Video and then seeing his eyes take on the shade & form of Rihanna’s Eyes, which are demon like and yell, ” I LOVE RIHANNA!” “I LOVE RIHANNA!” “HER PUSSY IS SO GOOD AND JUCIY!” I mean it was a fucking mess.  I never seen shit like that in my life.
I quickly used a Santeria Cuban/Puerto Rican technique of exorcism which involved the placing of a jar of water onto his head and commanding the unclean demon aka Rihanna out of his body. 
Why did I use water? Because according to Latino-Indian (tradition of Cubans and Puerto Ricans before Spain and Africans arrived) and even Native American Culture, the unclean spirit or demon can not travel or break free of water.
  • If a person ever has demonic issues with a Ouija Board, the first thing that I advise the person to do is to place the Ouija Board into a pool or bucket of water, because it will trap the spirit which is attached to the Ouija Board.  Water can trap demonic energy and contain it, which is why people around Hollywood always call upon “The Rain Man”.
I told Chris Brown to leave this demonic girl alone because being a black man from The Southern US, as we both are, it is very difficult to be anywhere in the U.S. and having to live a public life but being that he is of a certain demographic, Rhianna could easily have the Hollywood PD aka Illuminati Hit Men for Hire, kill him as her sacrifice and the public would simply say, “he had it coming.”  Chris Brown was in a very dangerous position.
But Chris Brown doesn’t listen because Rihanna got him with that Illuminati Pussy.  I also recall telling Chris Brown to get rid of his dogs because of the whole Michael Vick Madness but he didn’t listen to that either and as a result, Chris Brown was basically run out of West Hollywood.
Now after Chris Brown moved from West Hollywood, Rihanna had not been to NYC in a minute.  But once she found out that Chris Brown was in NYC, Rihanna waited for Beyonce and Jay-Z to go France and leave NYC because Beyonce & Rihanna got bad blood, even though they both drink blood. 
Once Rihanna saw that Beyonce was no longer in NYC, Rihanna went to NYC and from what I understand, she was walking around and looking for Chris Brown. Some reports say that Rihanna simply looked like she was in a daze but she isn’t really in a daze and looked like that because she was talking to her demon guides and trying to zero in on Chris Brown.
What happened once Rihanna got to NYC?  Chris Brown and Drake got in the bar fight, bottles were hitting people and the bar was closed down.  Rihanna brings bullshit every where that she goes.
The thing that gets me; was the fact that Rhianna not only slept with Drake and Chris Brown but she even slept with them AT THE SAME TIME.  Three-somes and gang-bangs was going on with those three.  Drake tries to play himself off but Rihanna got him trapped also.
Drake can make what ever comments that he wants to at award shows but I know what Drake does with Lil Wayne and Rihanna.
So, Rihanna already knows that she is high up in the Illuminati.  She got the Occult Isis Tattoo and she even got an eagle carrying a gun tattoo.  Those tats, which Rhianna now has on her body, are significant and she only gets them to intimidate people that know about the Illuminati.
Rihanna’s Video (Where Have You Been) where she poses like the Hindu Demon Goddess with many arms
Having that Eagle Tat with the gun simply means that she can have a person killed and she gets the energy aka #1 hit records or fame, by feeding off of the person’s energy.
Rihanna can make mid night booty calls to Ashton Kutcher’s crib (Pre-Mila Days) but if Chris Brown sees another girl, then she starts up with her craziness.
This is why I do not like Rihanna.  Rihanna has even threatened me, but she never threatens law suits, instead she threatens with black magick.  She had the nerve to tell me that I was a bad influence on Chris Brown when he was living in West Hollywood because I tried to keep her ass away.  I told her that I knew how to make “spirit bottles” and I could catch her demon soul one night and bury her at Malibu Beach.  This is exactly how you get the legends about Genies in a Bottles.
When you are dealing with the Rihanna Entity, you have no choice but to fight this girl via spiritual means.
Do not be surprised if Chris Brown ends up dead…it could happen.  I may be right back on here discussing yet another Illuminati Blood Sacrifice.

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