The Murder of Michael Jackson Decoded

The Murder of Michael Jackson Decoded

If there was an award for the most popular figure in modern world history, Michael Jackson would surely get it. Michael Jackson is heralded as the King of Pop Culture, because of his innovative musical abilities. He was known for introducing dance moves and techniques that are still being used by our youth today. Michael Jackson was loved by his fans, but was often vilified by the media, causing Michael to live a very solitude life.

Michael was practically raised in the entertainment industry, as his career started off when he was about 6 years old. He and his brothers were groomed by their father, Joe Jackson, to become great musicians and performers. It was stated by Michael Jackson, in many public interviews that, “his father would whip him”, if he didn’t get certain dance moves correct. This would later prove to be to his advantage as his performance abilities have yet to be matched.

Michael Jackson would later go on to become a solo artist in the early 70’s, reaching global success by the 80’s. Michael revolutionized the act of performing culture and generated billions, possibly trillions, of dollars for the matrix. Michael Jackson’s music video’s, Beat it, Billy Jean, and Thriller, were responsible for bringing the newly formed MTV television outlet into popularity.

In this article, and from now on, I will refer to the power behind the music industry as the machine. Those that operate and control the machine are like ghosts to the masses, but those that have an open third eye are able to see these ghosts. As I have stated in other blogs, if one doesn’t have a thorough knowledge of the occult, they will never fully understand the secret society within the music industry. Some call this secret society the Illuminati and others refer to them as the elite. Whatever name you call them by doesn’t matter, but what does matter is their silent control that they have over the masses without ever being seen.

Though Michael Jackson was a very powerful and talented man he was still a puppet of the machine. Michael came into the musical order at a young age and he learned the tricks of the trade. He had great mentors, such as Quincy Jones and Paul McCartney and by the time he was in his early 30’s he knew the business in and out. Michael gave life to the modern version of the machine and proof of this can be found in him coining one of his most popular dances the robot. We can honestly say that there would be no industry as we know it, had there not been a Michael Jackson.

Michael would later become a serious problem and would be targeted and opposed by the same networks that he gave life to. You see beloved, Michael may have appeared to be passive, but he was very much a dominant man when it came to his career. Michael was no push over and he demonstrated no fear when it came to rebelling against the machine aka the matrix. From my vantage point, what really got Michael in trouble with the machine was when he tried to overthrow it. That’s right, Michael made a lot of power moves in his career, but his biggest power move was when he bought the ATV publishing catalogue back in 1984. In this catalogue could be found most of the publishing rights to the Beatles, Lil Richie and others. Paul McCartney, one of Michael’s mentors, introduced Michael to the benefits of song ownership, but Michael would go on to beat McCartney out and purchase the catalogue by himself. This would make Michael Jackson the enemy to the machine, because it gave one man too much power. Later in this transmission, I will prove, through the sciences of the occult, how this purchase would tie into Michael being sacrificed.

Yes, Michael Jackson was indeed a sacrifice and this can be easily be proven. As I said in other articles, blood sacrifices happen in three’s and Michael’s death was no exception. On the day that Michael Jackson died, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon were sacrificed as well. This is how the sacrificing game goes, folks. They must make offerings to their Gods in threes. Michael’s sister, Latoya Jackson, bears witness to this in several of her interviews, with Oprah and others, where she explains how Michael was murdered. She even goes on to say that “they” do the rituals in three’s. She further goes on to say that the Dr. Conrad Murray, was just “a fall guy” and that there were other individuals, in the background, who were responsible for this.

Michael was on the hit list, to be murdered, since the 80’s, but the machine works in cycles and they never do anything before it’s time. They had to begin by first destroying his image because Michael had millions of fans and eliminating him in the 80’s would have caused unrest. Plus, the industry is all about extracting as much from their puppets as possible, so they wanted to milk the life out of him before he was discarded.

Michael was already in hot water with the owning of Beatles publishing, which they never planned for him to own, but when he created the video for the hit song, “Black or White”, this really got him in trouble. You see, Michael was tired of being controlled by the machine and as I stated above Michael had a very radical side. The video “Black or White”, had a 4 minute scene that was cut out of it, where Michael demonstrates his rebellion against the secret society that controls the music industry. Within this video, he breaks out in an occult dance that symbolizes rebellion and he even turned down one of the secret hand signal of the Elite. He goes on to destroy a vehicle that had many occult symbols on it such as 666 and KKK.

The system of occult that the rulers deal with, in this modern world, is based upon the Ancient Babylonian system of deities. The Babylonians had 36 deities that they served. If one adds up the numbers 1-36 they will get 666. This is the true meaning of the infamous code of 666, it represents the many demons found within the Babylonian Mysteries. Contrary to popular belief, the letters KKK have very little to do with a racist group found within the south. The letter “K” is the 11th letter of the alphabet and when one multiplies 3 (for the 3 K’s) by 11, they will get 33, which stands for the 33 degree’s of Freemasonry.

So, when Michael was destroying the vehicle with all of the occult symbols on it, he was basically demonstrating that he was revolting against the rulers of the machine. If the rulers didn’t feel threatened by his acts they would have allowed the video to be aired on MTV, but they didn’t. This should be enough proof in and of itself. At the close of the video, Michael transformed into a Black Panther, which esoterically represents control of territory and freedom from oppression.

After this video, in 1993, the matrix would attack Michael Jackson in many ways, sending agents into his home who would later file charges against him for child molestation and abuse. They knew Michael loved children and the machine always attacks its targets through what they love. The media, the number one tool of the machine, would go on to label Michael a child molester, a homo sexual and a host of other character debasing names.  Michael would eventually settle out of court, on the allegations, but the negative image of him stuck.

The media would attack Michael Jackson again in 2005 with more child molestation charges and this really took a toll on Michael’s health. In the same year, Dick Gregory reports to have visited Michael’s ranch and Michael begged him to help him and said that “they” were trying to kill him. Dick Gregory took Michael to the hospital and the Dr.’s claimed that Michael was dehydrated and they had to hydrate his system for 24 hours straight. This was in the month of June exactly 4 years prior to Michael’s death, the ritual was being demonstrated.

Michael was a Summer Solstice Sacrifice, returning back to the ethers on June the 25th of 2009. As stated above, two other celebrities were sacrificed on this same day and when you add up the date, 6/25/2009, you get the number 6. If you count the other two celebrities, Farrah Fawcett and Sky Saxon, into the equation you will get 666. This is no coincidence and as stated earlier the number 666 represents the combination of deities that is worshiped by the rulers. The number six also depicts the hexagram, which is falsely called the Star of David, and is usually associated with the Jews. In truth the 6 pointed Star is a ancient occult symbol used to cast spells. This is why it’s called the hexagram, because when you put a hex on someone you are casting a spell on them.  The other reason why the rulers chose the number 6 for this particular sacrifice was because Michael’s birthday was 8/29/1958, which adds up to 6. When rituals are performed they have to be congruent to an individuals personal number, which represents their vibration, according to the sciences of the occult. There are many esoteric reasons behind this obsession with numbers, to many to go into here.

The occult story behind Michael’s death was also linked to the number 25. As stated above, initially Michael Jackson got himself on the machines sacrifice list, because of his bold stance in purchasing the publishing rights to the ATV music catalog, which contained the Beatles music. That was in 1984, and 25 years later, in 2009, Michael Jackson was murdered!

Michael was definitely under the control of the machine, but he spent his life rebelling against it. The beatings that Michael Jackson received by his father, Joe Jackson, proved to be of much help because at the end of the day this made Jackson fearless. Michael was definitely an ascended master and an angel who made war with the machine, just like the archangel Michael, who made war with the dragon.

Many people believe Michael Jackson is still alive and escaped the death plot. They say no one was there, at Michaels home, at the time of his death, but Michael and the Dr. There has even been conflicting stories coming from the Jackson family about Michael’s death and the circumstances behind it. This isn’t far fetched when you understand world politics, because Hitler and others were said to have staged their deaths as well. With money and power anything is possible. We can’t say for sure where Michael is, because the only proof we have is the media and we know the media is designed to promote the agenda of the matrix.

Michael can easily be said to be the most powerful man in the music industry and his estate is worth over one billion dollars. In March of 2010, Sony paid $250 million dollars to the Jackson estate for rights to distribute his music until 2017. If there was anybody who came close to freeing themselves completely from super stardom, it was Michael and if he did make a deal with the matrix to slip out the backdoor, I wouldn’t be surprised. Sony wanted the publishing rights back from Michael and Michael wanted his freedom back from the machine, so maybe they made a fair exchange.  Once the matrix is dissected and totally understood nothing will surprise you.

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