The Mind Control Manual Of Dantalion Jones

The Mind Control Manual Of Dantalion Jones

Do you think there are any special skills to being happy? What would you teach if you had your own followers? Within this book you’ll get the answers to those two questions via a simple set of exercises and see, there are some very useful tools that anyone can use to gain a noticeable amount of happiness. The truth is that if everybody used these mental tools people would be happier, more good things would get done and the world would be a nicer place. But that is perhaps asking too much.what you get in this little manual are exercises and “meditations” the author has used to feel better about life and gain more control over every aspect of life. In other words, these are useful exercises that you can use every day and feel better as a one is telling you to go out and start your cult, but if you were to, these would be great, positive exercises and teachings that would make people look at you with awe and wonder.

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