The Message of Trumpcare

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
The Message of Trumpcare

by Stephen Lendman

It's House passage is the latest example, following many others, showing America is a plutocracy, not a democracy, serving its privileged class exclusively at the expense of its ordinary citizens and residents.

Duopoly governance rules. Two right wings comprise it. Elections are farcical when held. Ordinary people have no say whatever.

Monied interests control everything – dark forces comprising America's deep state. Presidents, Congress and the courts serve them.

Predatory capitalism is the beating heart of the nation's deplorable politico/economic system – enforced by militarized police state harshness.

The notion of democratic governance serving all Americans equitably is pure fantasy – never in US history, worst of all now. Privilege alone matters – from the nation's beginning to currently under Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress.

Michael Parenti explained America&#
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