The Love Bus Liberty Tour will be in Prescott. AZ, Wed Sept 15th, 3-7 pm for a sign-making event

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
Ernest and Donna Hancock will join Mona Patton (Yavapai Rising) for an activist sign-making event on Wednesday September 15th from 3-7 pm. We will being the Love Bus (, and will be at the Ramada at Granite Creek Park; 554 6th Street; Prescott, AZ. Come and join us – we will supply the signs and stands, paint, and stencils. Please come ready to spray paint and network with other activists! We will also need people to help put the signs up around Prescott/Prescott Valley once we get a bunch of them finished.

Also, please see the show archive page and the interview Ernest did with Mona recently (Mona was in Hour 2):


Here are some pictures of a recent sign-making event at the Show Low Activation Tour:

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