The Life Story of Albert Pike (Classic Reprint)

The Life Story of Albert Pike (Classic Reprint)

Li i I ntroduction. Chapter IP ikes Struggle for anE ducation and Desire for a Freer Life. Chapter II His First Adventure in theW est. Chapter III Entering theS taked Plains. Chapter IV Following theO ld Santa Fe Trail. Chapter VA rrival atF ortS mith. Chapter VI Removal to Little Rock. Chapter VII His Marriage. Chapter VIII Engages in the Practice of Law. Chapter IX His Oratorical Ability His Public Services. Chapter XT akes Up Arms in theW ar With Mexico. Chapter XI Duel With John Selden Roane. Chapter XII Service in the Confederate A rmy. Chapter XIII His Work as an A uthor. Chapter XIV Activities of His Later Years His Masonic Career Takes Up Residence in Washington City. Chapter XV The Wake ofT he Fine Arkansas Gentleman. Chapter XVI The Close of anE ventful Life.
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