The Illuminati is NOT Evil! Post YOUR Comment!





We are responsible for removing the negative stigma the ignorant minds have shared to the world on who the Illuminati really is. For every problem there’s a finger pointed at the Illuminati without any justification or facts. I’m here to be a part of it! ▲

NOTE: Those who see the Illuminati as an evil source of governmental structure are in plain ignorance of what they really know about them and only follow those who have been trying to confuse the mass and blame everything on the Illuminati. The government is NOT the Illuminati, the few who want to control the world are NOT the Illuminati, those who want to make wars and want to destroy human kind are NOT the Illuminati. Those who want to destroy our purpose in life to become our own Masters of our lives and wants us to depend on others to try to make it, are the ones who use the word “Illuminati” to serve their purpose and confuse you to the point to hate the word itself. If you want to know what the Illuminati means search it, but set aside what you have unjustly know about it and open your mind to see the truth on things instead of ‘following’ others and keep perpetuating the wrong ideas.
The duty of all Illuminati to act likewise in their capacity. As an Illuminati, every conscious individual must become an individual self made leader the sole ruler of his fate, destiny and future, prepared to live in an Enlightened society ▲ ~Salah Ghalayeeni

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