The Hidden Life in Freemasonry

This classic Masonic esoteric work is designed for the student seeking far deeper meanings in Masonry. Leadbeater reveals how the Masonic ritual is a scientific way of energizing the Masonic lodge and its faithful members so as to bring about an attunement with the Great White Lodge. In the words of the author: “Although the book is primarily intended for the instruction of members of the Co-Masonic Order, whose desire, as is expressed in their ritual, is to pour the waters of esoteric knowledge into the Masonic vessels, I hope nevertheless that it may appeal to a wider circle, and may perhaps be of use to some of those many Brn. in the masculine Craft who are seeking for a deeper interpretation of Masonic symbolism than is given in the majority of their Lodges …” C.W. Leadbeater (1854-1934), was an English clergyman and respected theosophical author. Leadbeater is the author of the popular “Freemasonry and Its Ancient Mystic Rites.” This is an indespensible work for the esoteric Mason –  Written for the handful of Masons who seek to understand the true occult-theosophical workings of Freemasonry.


History of Masonry
The Lodge
The Fittings of the Lodge
Preliminary Ceremonies
The Opening of the Lodge
The Second Degree
The Third Degree;
The Higher Degrees
Two Wonderful Rituals
Closing the Lodge

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