The Hidden Jeff Rense

jeff_on_trike.jpgFiddling  While America Burns

(left, Rense, 66, riding a $30,000 Harley Trike, one of a collection of motorcycles  supported by donations from his  readers.)

Despite making in
excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and related businesses, twice a year he duns his readers for

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

When Jeff Rense said he would no longer link to my web site, I didn’t phone to reason with him.

At the time, I didn’t know why. We had spoken on the phone many times.

I just had a feeling which I can now comprehend.

actions were so irrational and his manner so high handed, I felt there was something missing.  “You have insulted me,” he wrote when I merely questioned his angry dismissal of a story I posted on my website.

I sensed that
he was not normal. He had dealt a body-blow to me and everything we had built over 10 years, and I doubt he gave it a second thought. 

In the face of the growing Illuminati threat, he terminated a valuable collaboration and friendship due to a minor,
passing difference.

Instinctively, I didn’t want to reconcile. I didn’t want to continue posting my work on his site. (My able contributors were banned.) That would be like moving back in with mom and dad at age 62. 


Jeff Rense isn’t normal. Behind the dulcet tones and angst about the world, he is a
smooth talking salesman using America’s fading freedom as an excuse to get rich and amass a
collection of luxuries he can hardly afford.

Despite making in
excess of $450K from his web site, radio show and related businesses, he duns his readers for
“donations” twice a year.

These “donation drives” bring in an estimated $20K annually.
How is Jeff Rense any different from a Christian evangelist who scams his flock?

remember donating myself. At the time, I didn’t know he lives in a
luxurious cedar mansion on a ten-acre estate near Ashland OR worth in excess of
$1.5 million.

I didn’t know about the $30,000 Harley Trike shown above, and his other motorcycles.

I didn’t know he was spending in excess of $100,000 to build a model
that traverses his whole property.

I didn’t know he spent $30,000 on a tanning bed.

I didn’t know he was restoring a vintage station wagon, a “Woodie” at a cost of $100,000. 

I didn’t know he was spending tens of thousands excavating ponds and planting trees on his estate.

I didn’t know he spent a fortune on multiple face lifts.


Jeff often complained that he had money problems. He wanted to sell his web site to “pay off his debts.” 

To explain why he was hard up after making $300K from advertising alone, he told me a story about spending $500K to redo the foundations of his house.
When he sued the previous owner, his Jewish lawyer betrayed out.

Sure. The sad truth is that Jeff Rense is a child who can’t manage his money and lives way beyond his means.

I don’t care how Jeff spends what he has earned. Just don’t ask me for a “donation.”

Think of all his loyal readers who sent him their hard-earned $20 bills so the “truth” could be told.

I want my money back. As for my trust, he can never repay that. 
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