The Herd Immunity Myth

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
The Herd Immunity Myth

by Stephen Lendman

Pre-2020, the herd immunity myth was and remains all about convincing parents to gets kids inoculated with multiple jabs that don't protect against diseases and risk harm instead.

Post-2020, flu/covid jabs added to the mix are mandated or urged for most everyone aged-12 and older — soon to include kids aged 5 -11, most likely to be followed by younger-aged kids and infants.

Worse still will be mandating them for most everyone in all age groups if ordered — even for individuals who contracted the viral illness and fully recovered, gaining natural immunity, what's most protective.

Refuseniks most likely will be labeled as pariahs — perhaps domestic terrorists — and denied employment, education, along with free access to society overall.

Or they may be involuntarily jabbed or isolated in internment camps that'll amount to imprisonment by other means for the "crime&q
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