"The Grey" – Luciferian Movie Not About Masculinity

Far from an affirmation of masculinity, “The Grey” is a typical Cabalistic negation of God and assertion of the Illuminati right to rule.

by Aspen

The Grey is the Illuminati pinnacle of Liam Neeson’s film career.

There is one scene, near to the Kabbalistic finale of the film, which delivers the first central messages of the film.

In this scene, Neeson’s character, Ottway, is lying on his back, on a snowbank looking up at the sky, and appealing to God for help. Ottway is an atheist, but he gives God one final chance.

Ottway has been through living hell. His wife is dead from disease; hence his atheism. He has survived both his own suicidal tendencies and then a plane crash in the Alaskan wilderness, only then to be forced to lead a tattered band of ignorant fools as wolves pick them off one by one.

In this penultimate scene, Ottway looks up at the sky and challenges God. [To paraphrase],

“Okay, I’m CALLING on you. Do something. Do anything. I swear to you, if you do something, I will believe in you forever.”

He waits.

“I’m giving you the chance. DO SOMETHING.”

The wind blows; the trees shake.

“Fuck it,” Ottway says, “I’ll do it myself.”

By this time, everyone else in the film is dead. Most died in the plane crash. One of the survivors got his throat ripped out by circling wolves, because he ignored Ottway’s basic advice.

Another, a fat black man, died of oxygen deprivation. Another died because he was half-blind and lost his glasses; he couldn’t SEE.

One was picked off because he couldn’t keep up. One chose to lay himself down and let the wolves come to him. The last one drowned when he lost his footing in a river.


The name “Ottway” is uncommon. The name itself means “fortunate warrior” — but of greater significance is the motto of the British family Crest of Ottway, “If God be with us, who can be against us?”

That is precisely the point the film is intended to illustrate: GOD IS NOT INVOLVED. God does not care. God will not move to ACT. God does not answer prayer. No one comes when you pray to God.

Ottway survives by asserting his will, not his faith.


Ottway tells the other characters about a poem that his father composed:

“Once more into the fray
“into the last good fight I’ll ever know
“live and die on this day
“live and die on this day”

The final spoken line of the film is given as Ottway is readying himself to battle with the black-furred Alpha Wolf of the pack.

It’s delivered as a sudden understanding, a full realization of the extremity of the situation, with a connection to history.

“Live and die on this day. THIS IS THE DAY!”

The screen fades out; the credits roll.


This IS “the day”, isn’t it? This is the time of the penultimate attack of the Illuminati Wolf.


To quote Douglas Rushkoff, in his well-known work “Nothing Sacred: The Truth About Judaism”:

“[Jewish] iconoclasm leads to the conclusion that any God must, ultimately, be a universal and nameless God. The natural result of settling for an abstract and unknowable deity is to then focus, instead, on human beings and life itself as the supremely sacred vessels of existence…

“If God cannot be conceived in any way, if his existence is utterly out of the reach of human systems of belief and intellect, then for all practical purposes he does not exist…. God is just not something that Jews are supposed to worry about….

“In this light, abstract monotheism is not the process by which a people find the one true God, but the path through which they get over their need for him.”

[Rushkoff, Nothing Sacred, pp. 14, 29]


The Grey is intended as an elemental representation of the Luciferian vector of Judaism that has been adopted by the Illuminati.

Judaism is not Satanism; most Jews can barely handle the refined characterization of Judaism that Rushkoff presents in his book.

However, it is both arguable and likely that a combination of Rushkoff-style Judaism, and longer-serving pagan religions, have produced what we know as Luciferian religion today.

We know that the Illuminati enjoy their self-characterization as Wolves amongst Sheep. There is no film that follows this theme better, than The Grey.

This is a film that affirms the Luciferian rebellion against God.

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