The Government Economic Bubble – Beware of a Possible Major Crash

USdebt gdp 458x277 The Government Economic Bubble   Beware of a Possible Major Crash There is a lot of internet talk about a possible crash of the American economy in 2013 or 2014. The the reality of an economic crash starting in America would ripple all over the world. This would support the New World Order agenda to cause chaos and generate a “reason” for the aliens to arrive on the earth.

The economy woes (bubble and burst cycle) started when deceived President Wilson signed into law “The Federal Reserve”. The greedy vipers of the Federal Reserve were Rothschild agents that manipulated the economic panic of 1907 which was a result of a stock market crash. During the Roaring Twenties the Fed flooded the market with cash and deceived the public to borrow based on consumption such as the farmers. In the 1930s the United States experienced a Great Depression. Some expert economists are predicting a Greater upcoming crash of the economy. Corporation control of the government start from the Presidency of Reagan up until now. Over thirty years of banking/investment deregulations, increasing of the National Debt/trade debt/budget deficit, and the federal reserve flooding the market with dollars throughout.

The stock market started in Philadelphia in 1790, and the market on Wall Street opened May 17, 1792 on the corner of Wall Street and Broadway, Originated by the Dutch Jews including the bank note, joint-stock companies became a viable business model for many struggling businesses. In 1602, the Dutch East India Co. issued the first paper shares. This exchangeable medium allowed shareholders to conveniently buy, sell and trade their stock with other shareholders and investors.

The Problem

As a New World Order preparation, two economic ‘bubble/bust” cycles occurred. The dot com bubble in 2000, and the housing and credit bubble in 2008. The housing crash in 2008 completely slowed the economy and some people view it more as a depression than a recession, this was just the catalyst of what is yet to occur. The government response added to the problem by creating an even bigger bubble by bailing out the failure of the banks. The billions of dollars they handed out was money the government didn’t have; they just keep borrowing that dramatically increases the national debt and then borrow more money to pay the bills. At the same time, the Fed continues to print dollars without any restraint. The $700 billion bail out of 2009 came from money that the Fed just printed and the government borrowed the money.

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The Government/Dollar Bubble:

The current “government bubble” is growing and will burst in due time. When it does, the federal reserve will have two choices: 1) to contract the money supply and let interest rates spike, 2) keep flooding the economy with more dollars which will cause hyperinflation that will eventually make the dollar worthless.

Hyperinflation will cause excessive stress on families and individuals that could erupt in chaos around the world that would server the New World Order Agenda.

Debt around the world is the biggest incapacitating weakness around the world. As the government/fed manipulates the economy to keep the cost of living high and savings account interests low, most people including the governments are in debt.

economics 458x224 The Government Economic Bubble   Beware of a Possible Major Crash

The United States National Debt currently is around 18 Trillion dollars. That is about 140,000 per person. Whenever the Government needs to spend money it doesn’t have, they borrow by selling t-bonds or “Treasuries.” The buyer gets an IOU, and the government gets cash. So the Chinese government and others, the Federal Reserve, US Banks, and investors hold an aggregated 18 Trillion Dollars and increases everyday. This Treasuries expire, such as a 10 year bond, and then the Government must pay back the bond. The debt grows everyday because of interest and from borrowing for Government spending. Currently, the Government is spending more than what they take in, which causes a deficit, that deficit has reached 1 trillion a year. By adding the National Debt, State Individual Debt, and off budget and contingent liabilities are included, the debt tops at 100 trillion. Because of the dousing bubble, Americans are struggling under about $13 trillion in mortgage debt. Total consumer debt is around $2.5 trillion and credit card debt is around $790 billion. Federally back student loans to $1 trillion. The Fed and Government manipulation discourages people from saving. They offer a tax deduction for mortgage interest, but tax investment gains, and keep the savings and CD interests at one of the lowest rates and for the longest time. The prices of food and gasoline will not drop because the Fed flooding the money supply. The Fed’s manipulation of interests rates not only artificially caused the bubble of the housing market, is also boots all borrowing and debt, because people will refinance for the lower rate.

Peter Shiff predicted the 2008 Housing/Credit crash back in 2005/06. And, he has predicted the major government and dollar bubble crash to occur in 2013/14. Here is explains how the government sells American down the river relating to the latest so called Fiscal Cliff.

The politicians continue to replace one bubble with another. The same scenario that caused the first two economic bubbles to burst is the Federal Reserve printing money and flooding the market which is continuing uncontrolled. The politicians will not do the correct thing for the economy, because crashing the economy into an hyper-inflated situation supports the One World Currency of the New World Order. Since the Fed continues to print money, no spending cuts are occurring. The politicians are just kicking the can and avoiding the “Fiscal Cliff” spending cuts that are supposed to kick in. The politicians came up with a “Patch deal” that only puts off having to deal with spending cuts and the budget deficit.

The Western world, especially the United States, is a consumer economy. Thus, the media and politicians manipulate the society to borrow, spend, and get into debt. If people are spending money they do not have, the economy will struggle in the long run. Most personal borrowing, and even government borrowing is not for investment, but for consumption. The Western World is based in consumption and greed. In the long run there is no way can this economic system continue to stay afloat. Yet, you may ask why would the governments allow to get in over their heads in major debt? Because they want to bring down the entire economic system.

The New World Order will consist of three major aspects:
1) One World Government
2) One Currency – Controlled Global Economy
3) One Religion

Could the Economy crash before the Aliens arrive?

High Possibility!
The Illuminati will need to manipulate the situation so the aliens will present themselves for a reason. An economic crash that would be tens times worse that the Great Depression would generate disorder around the globe. A major economic crash that would make the price of oil to increase dramatically, all consumable products will increase including food. The world has been economically stressed since 2001 and especially from the housing/credit crash.

An out of control hyperinflation situation that could happen “overnight” would cause a country of unrest. The illuminati will manipulate the economic situation to declare marshal law, a domino effect would afflict the world. With a worldwide chaotic possible revolution on the brink of destruction, the aliens could present themselves to cause World War III that would unify the world.

The alien plan would consolidate and unify the world as one, and every excuse would be used after the war to justify a one world government and currency.

The world will have to consolidate the world into four different currency unions, without the Great Deception of the Aliens, and will take much longer to create their one world order of enslavement.

If you comprehend that the Man of Lawlessness (antichrist) entered his host body near the ned of 2010, then the date of 2018 becomes a prime date of completion of the deception. 2018 is a very important year because it will be the end of the 70 year exile of the Jews since then got their nation.

The exile adverts to the Jews having a nation that began in 1947/48, but no temple. 2017/18 ends that era of exile that is one entire generation, in which this generation has experience the fast technological progression and development including the worst outward attitudes and behaviors.

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