The Eldridge Conspiracy

The Eldridge Conspiracy

1943: The destroyer USS Eldridge vanishes during the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship invisibility project ends.

Nuremberg, 1946: Nazi death camp doctor Martin von Kemnitz is hanged.

The Pentagon, 1999: A dying hand gifts Angie Milano and Jim Munroe with the deadly legacy that is the Eldridge Roster, the long-lost crew list of the Philadelphia Experiment. The two are soon on the run from the vicious killers sent for the roster. Without it, Project Telemachus, perversion of a wondrous meld of genetics and physics, will fail. And mankind may survive.

As the conspiracy unfolds, Jim and Angie go on the attack, gathering strength from each other as they battle Telemachus and the undying evil at its heart. Old foes of Telemachus, allies with very Different skills, join them. But only by together mastering the secret torments of their pasts can Jim and Angie defeat the Project and crush the dream of its brilliant, diabolical architect.

All allegiances unmasked, all powers unleashed, battle is joined as Project Telemachus launches its final experiment, its success signaling humanity’s brief but anguished twilight.

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