The Eldridge Conspiracy

The Eldridge Conspiracy

1943: The destroyer USS Eldridge vanishes during the Philadelphia Experiment. The ship invisibility project ends. Nuremberg, 1946: Nazi death camp doctor Martin von Kemnitz is hanged. The Pentagon, 1999: A dying hand gifts Angie Milano and Jim Munroe with the deadly legacy that is the Eldridge roster, the long-lost crew list of the Philadelphia Experiment. The two are soon on the run from the vicious killers sent for it. Without the roster, Project Telemachus, the perversion of a wondrous meld of genetics and physics, will fail. And mankind may survive. 5 Star Reviews for The Eldridge Conspiracy “Berry does an amazing job of presenting a raft of characters, every last one of which is vivid, real, likable or loathsome, and keeps all of their time-lines, actions, and interactions seamlessly melded—we never get confused. At the risking of stooping to prosaic usage: This is a really, really, really good read. If you’re looking for a well-crafted page turner to devour… I recommend this one. My advice: Buy this book. It’s great.” Ken Korczak (Amazon US) “Absolutely LOVED this book and could NOT put it down! … Amazing. Uber~Fantastique! Not only does the story pull you in, you think, ‘What if this actually had happened.’” Amber Norrgard (Amazon US) “Stephen has done it again in this intense novel that you won’t be able to put down. You know it’s coming to the end and you don’t want it to.” Jeremy Dobe (Amazon US) “I read it in two sittings… I just could not put it down… a very fast paced thriller with some really likeable characters. If you have ever been fascinated by tales of the Philadelphia Experiment and/or what could happen if the wrong people were allowed to mess around with genetics, then I think you will like this. It’s a real page turner, and brilliant value for money. Recommended. Buy it and enjoy. Ann Tocher (Amazon UK)

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