The Devil Incarnate

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
The Devil Incarnate

by Stephen Lendman

Many US officials in high places represent the worst of humanity over its best.

Their diabolical aims are hostile to what just societies hold most dear.

The same holds for their likeminded partners abroad and MSM press agent supporters of pure evil, pretending otherwise, fooling no one paying attention.

The head of the snake shares most guilt.

In the US, it's the impersonator of a selected, unelected president with no legitimacy — the real JB too cognitively impaired to serve in any capacity so a double represents him in public.

Nine months after usurping power the old-fashioned way — by brazen election theft — the regime he nominally represents inflicted more harm on more people at home and abroad than any previous US ruling authorities.

With over three years in office remaining, mass-extermination of unimaginable length and breadth appears certain without mass-rebellio
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