The Crooks Running The Federal Reserve Have Been Getting High On Their Own Supply

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News Story Source: by Michael Snyd
 But as they were endlessly juicing the stock market, officials at the Federal Reserve broke one of the cardinal rules of drug dealing.  You never get high on your own supply.  It turns out that quite a few of the big dogs over at the Fed have very large investments which greatly benefitted from all of the cash that the Federal Reserve was endlessly pumping into the marketplace.  If that sounds "extremely corrupt" to you, that is because it is extremely corrupt, and it is another example that shows why the Federal Reserve should be completely abolished.

Earlier this week, the entire nation was stunned when news of this scandal first started to break…

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell directed staff to review the central bank's ethics rules for appropriate financial activities after disclosures that several senior central bank officials made multiple multimillion-dollar stock trades in 2020, while others held significant investmen
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