The Covid "Crisis" Was A Hoax From The Beginning

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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There has never been a Covid "crisis." It was a hoax from the beginning. The only crisis we've experienced over the last year and a half is the crisis of a burgeoning medical and governmental tyranny that is attempting to enslave the entire world.

Montana physician Dr. Ann Bukacek recently wrote this brief analysis regarding the so-called Covid crisis in our State:

The CDC Montana data in July and September of this year [state that] per capita survival in Montana is 99.9%, and the survival rate per Covid (+) person has actually improved in two months from 98.5 to 98.7%…How does this translate into a crisis?!?!

Note from the data that the number of Montanans who tested (+) for Covid is < 13% of the population of Montana, even though more tests have been done than the stated population of Montana. Understand also that CDC data is always going to provi
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