The Coming Pole Shift : Message for the World by Keisha Little Grandmother

The Apocalypse … the end of time, as we know it … the shift of the ages, marked by a shift in the magnetic poles which has been happening for a while now will continue to do so till its completely flipped, says Keisha Crowther also known as Little Grandmother by the Mayan Elders. Keisha is one of the few people on this planet who are truly gifted and are well aware of who they are. They feel strongly for Mother Earth and all of its children and are here to bring back the highest vibration of universal love into our hearts and in our lives, they are the Tribe of many Colors and we are the tribe !

We live on this planet as though we have another planet to go to having messed this one up beyond repair. There is no one going to come and save us from the mess we have created for ourselves, no savior is coming to save us from ourselves …. We are the ones we have been waiting for and its about time we wake up to the big picture before it is too late for humanity to recover. When the last ice age happened and the water level rose inundating their lands, the Atlanteans, the Lemurians and the Sumerians all built ships and set sail in search of new land … hence spread all across the world. The Mayans and the Aborigine people for instance were descendants of the ancient Atlanteans … the Hawaiian people and people of the Indonesian Islands are the Sumerian people. The Waitaha people of New Zealand are the Lemurian people.

The prophecy is about the Earth being reborn into its heaven … humanity is shifting from the mind or ego consciousness to heart consciousness. It is up to us now to be the change and live from the heart .. in harmony with the natural way of life.

Something interesting I chanced upon about New Zealand and its Lemurian Connection !

Drunvalo Melchizedek’s ‘Serpent of Light : Beyond 2012’ has some interesting information about the Maori/Waitaha Tribe of New Zealand. (Page 257 – Page 260)

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