The Charade of Russian US Election Hacking

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
The Charade of Russian US Election Hacking

by Stephen Lendman

In US judicial proceedings, beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest standard of proof required.

In civil litigation, it's either proof by a preponderance of evidence or by what's clear and convincing – establishing a high probability of truth.

In criminal cases, the high proof standard of reasonable doubt is especially important because a defendant's freedom or possible execution is at stake.

The same high standard is most important when one nation accuses another of criminal actions. War could follow false accusations accepted as factual.

Last March, neocon Dick Cheney called alleged foreign interference in America's election an "act of war" – despite none occurring, baseless accusations alone.

In judicial proceedings, if prosecutors can't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, jurors or judges are obligated to exonerate defendants.

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