'The Butcher Of Libya': Assange Exposes Clinton War Crimes, Asks Sweden to Set Him Free

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News Story Source: http://thefreethoughtproject.com,By Claire Bernish
In the one nation which should be considered a bastion of press freedom — enshrined expressly in its storied Constitution — the dogged pursuit of governmental transparency in living up to the journalist's duty to act as watchdog of the State will instead emblazon a permanent target for prosecution. Or worse.

Wikileaks, itinerant publisher of leaked information of the stripe governments would rather remain hidden, has endured a horrendously negative propaganda campaign from U.S. officials from both sides of the aisle after voluminous caches of documents exposed flagrant, pompous misbehavior at every level.

Founder and editor-in-chief Julian Assange rightly condemns the brazen hypocrisy in the United States maintaining claims it desires press freedom, while simultaneously attempting to change the definition of 'media' in order to bring grave charges against Wikileaks — going so far as to deem published leaks akin to espionage.

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