The Basics of Finishing Wood

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News Story Source:, Paul Moore
Wood finishes can be intimidating and daunting, but they don't have to be. It's really easy to put down a good finish, if you know what you're working with and how to apply it.

Ready to learn how to make your project look great? Read on, we've got some great info for you.

Why Apply a Finish?

There are really two reasons to apply a finish to your woodworking project: protection and appearance.

Protection. Wood is a porous material, capable of soaking in anything that gets on it, such as oils, dirt, and chemicals. A finish can seal the wood and keep "gunk" out of the grain. You've put a lot of time into your projects, so you'll want to keep them looking good for years.

Appearance. All wood has a grain, some more vibrant than others. Finishes like stain will highlight and add some color to the grain, livening it up. (Stain won't, however, protect the wood; you'll need to apply a clear coat afterwards.) Even clear
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