The Advanced Illuminati Source Code, Israel, Gay Satanist & Lady Gaga

lady-gaga-illuminatiHell? The traditional dogma of

Satan’s greatest trick & strategy was arriving in the Garden of Eden and convincing Adam & Eve that eating from the Tree or Grape Vine of knowledge would not bring them a spiritual death. It is taught in pre-Jewish texts, that there are ten energy levels of creation and these ten glorious energy levels would radiate down from the Sirius Star System and maintain the Earth in a perfect, harmonious and paradise state. Where was this text originally located? Mali,Africa. The very first Jewish Tribe was an African Tribe.

THE ELOHIM DEITY OF LIGHTwhere in Africa is Mali

These texts, which basically describes the entire history of mankind, secrets of the universe and really they are the foundation, which gave way to twisted biblical religions ie: Judaism & Christianity. The real religion and spiritual guide books of mankind aren’t even in Hebrew or Latin. Even when the so called bible was still in Aramaic, it was 50% fantasy and mostly a political publication, which was used for colonizing purposes and even used by ancient bankers or the Jewish money changers as a business model.

star system of Sirius A Caucasus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

What I am saying is that there is no such thing as Judaism or Christianity. Judaism is based off of an occult system, now called the Kabbala, which in itself, isn’t really Jewish in origin. Kabbala, which at least admits that there is no such thing as an Israel, Moses, Abraham or Jesus is really the teachings of the Sirius Star System, which basically gave tribes from Africa, into the Mid East and going up through Armenia and into the Caucasus Region of Russia, the secrets of god, creation, destruction, living, death, reincarnation, soul mates and the history of the entire universe. So, the highest teachings of, what is now called Judaism, tells us that religion is all bullshit. When the Romans occupied parts of the Mid East in Second Century C.E., there was no Israel. There was no Israel 2000 years ago.  If you see an ancient map with an “Israel” then it’s a fake.  Western & Northern Europe fakes LOTS of artifacts for political and even racial agendas.  They have pulled these stunts, since they were scripting Hitler in Nazi Germany.

 Isis' name means "Ancient(Isis)

Ra Egyptian God of the Sun(Ra)

Elohim” is the plural version 


  • Americans and Europeans are strictly a product of the Illuminati. They don’t even know that Israel is a fairy tale and based off of ancient pagan African-Egyptian Gods and Goddesses like Isis, Ra and Elohim. In fact, Is-Ra-El (IsRaEl) means Isis & Ra are my Goddess & my God.

So, being that Israel is worship of Satanic Gods, the Illuminati created entire religions around getting the peasants to worship Satan and these religions are Christianity and Judaism. Christianity and Judaism are all based off of this mindless cult worship of some returning messiah that will land in Israel, which is, in itself, an Illuminati Magick Word (Is-Ra-El) that was used by Egyptian Magicians to perform Satanic Magick.  Yeah, that’s right. 

Israel-Palestine Conflict

  • If your religion or bible has Israel anywhere in it; then your following an Illuminati Occult Religion.  Yes, all of Christianity was faked.  One can not find God in Church or in a bible, what you can find is brainwashing for political or Illuminati Global agendas and even wars. 


  • Why do good things happen if I pray?  It’s the same concept in Celtic Occult or Satan Worship, if you call upon your Holy Bible, Jesus or Mother Mary, there have been so many deaths, murders, wars and offerings to these pagan entities, that you are actually not praying but performing an incantation, in an effort to call down stored-pagan energy.  That’s all witchcraft really is.  You pray/chant/say incantations to some Druid or Celtic God because this god, goddess or item has powers due to centuries of people worshipping & fighting wars or shedding blood for these deities.


And that’s what the Illuminati does, is find a way to get their Satanic Agenda and lifestyle into play, via hidden occult secrets. This is the same thing that Satan or the serpent did to Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden (if you actually believe in this story).

Satan arrived on the scene first and put out his twisted lies before an Angel could show up. So, who ever puts out the lie first and puts it out often enough, will win the hearts and minds of the idiots, even if its a Satanic Lie. This is why it is so dam hard to tear down this “religion” and Israel lie because it has been told for so long and so often, that people simply assume that if a lie is old enough, then it must be fact.

 Adolf Hitler giving the NaziThey followed the Monsanto

There are all of these marches and protest against Monsanto. Monsanto is a bio-weapons corporation that is funded by the same people (British/Dutch Royal Family, Ford Foundation, IBM, Apple, Goole,Rockefeller, Rothschild, Wall St Investment Firms) that also funded Hitler and the Nazis.

The entire jurisprudence of the Nazis was the twisting of texts by the British. Hitler wasn’t even an indigenous German and Hitler’s Army had over 30,000 “Jews”. There were not 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust but Nazi Germany did kill over 6 million indigenous, non-Jewish Europeans.

But the UN is dominated — andBritish Defeat Nazis in WWIIThe United Nations and Monsanto along with Planned Parenthood and the “New” Progressive and Democratic Party were all created by the Nazis after World War 2. The Democrat Party was around but it was taken over by the Nazis and eugenics loyalist.  The UN, then took these Satanic Occult Texts and these pagan Gods, came to San Francisco, Ca. and created Israel. Israel was strictly a British Nazi creation.

The reason why the British, Dutch and Americans (Bush Family, Henry Ford, IBM, Pepsi Corp) had Hitler burn Europeans in ovens was because these ancient biblical texts, found in Mali, Africa) said that a soul would reincarnate unless the tail-bone at the base of the spine was destroyed in fire. This is now considered a Jewish Kabbala teaching but it is from an African Scroll talking about Sirius Star Systems. So, by burning people in mass graves or ovens (as Mel Gibson jokes) it ensured that their souls would be destroyed.

Many men around the globe knowThe Garden of Eden and the

There were two falls of the Earth. Both involved women. There was Adam that listened to Eve, which caused the first down fall of humanity and the second down fall was due to Noah, who was laying in a tent camp, nude, while there were females also in the camp. So, each down fall of the Earth, involves the man not knowing that he is the ruler of the woman.

In fact, according to these texts, it would have been better if Noah would have been sexual with another man, rather than even risking having a female see him nude. It was such a sin to have a woman, that wasn’t his wife, to see Noah lay nude in a tent & to show the male sexual organ, that we had a second fall from Eden. And this Law from God, was what caused the Illuminati to start the feminist movement and today, not only do men in the Western World, appear to be bitches to women but they actually carry on friendships with women, like they would do with another male.

We just had a case in Ca. where this one teen age girl was hanging around with four teen age guys, they were drinking and she got raped and video recorded. Now they want to put these young men on trial but the lesson, which we should take away, is that boys and girls are DIFFERENT.

They teach these girls, that they are boys and they teach boys that they are girls, so these girls keep going out, getting drunk in a house full of dudes, and then people wonder why she gets raped? What is supposed to happen? This entire thing of teen-age boys mixing, on all of these different emotional & physical levels, with girls, who aren’t their wives, is exactly why even after the Great Flood of Noah’s time, there was yet another down fall and the Earth was once again handed over to Satan.

transgender boy Leon.bpa A handful of scientists“BPA-free” products were

Now they are putting BPA chemicals, which are artificial female hormones, into retail and food products. BPA is a chemical that is used to give one a sex change operation and entire generations of American Men grew up on these chemicals. So, what we now have are men, who aren’t really homosexuals in the historic contexts of the word, but are basically border line creatures and bitches of the Illuminati.

known as Lady Gaga,Lady Gaga & Beyonce:media illuminati rituals.

So, when we see this Telephone Video with Lady Gaga and Beyonce, the first scene shows a bunch of lesbians in prisons/bondage and the next scene shows gay men slaving in a kitchen but Lady Gaga and Beyonce use a Monsanto Poison to kill off all of the heterosexuals in America (the diner scene) and the video ends with lesbians and gays dancing in Red White & Blue. And this is exactly what they think will happen. The Illuminati thinks that these “it” creatures and trans-gender Satanist are going to be handed the Earth and all of the media, government, top military jobs and they will wage a war on God’s creations.

Lesbian Sex 01In Alleged Gay Sex Act

All ready the US is worshiping Pagan Gods (Is-Ra-El), we kill children up to 3 years old with axes, in NY and Tx, the CPS runs rape rooms & if we go back just 100 years, there was no such thing as a Hassidic Jew or Evangelical. It’s a cult. These are strictly for the worship of Lucifer. He is your father. You are an accidental Satanist, regardless on if you like it or not. And you all will pay the price.

of Lady Gaga's "Telephone"Lady Gaga & Beyonce Video (The Illuminati Gay Agenda to poison hetrosexuals with Monsanto & take over the world for Satan)

 However, Satan first emergesLady Gaga Illuminati Eye

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