Tesla's Third-Largest Shareholder Willing To Provide Capital If Necessary

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News Story Source: https://insideevs.com by EVANEX
Scottish investment firm Baillie Gifford is Tesla's third largest shareholder, and the fund managers want everyone to know they are still bullish on the stock. Instead of obsessing about Elon Musk's salty tweets, investors should focus on the vast opportunities that Tesla is poised to take advantage of, Baillie Gifford's Iain McCombie told Morningstar.

McCombie, Manager of the Baillie Gifford Managed fund, concedes that Musk's antics are "a giant distraction," but points out that the Tesla story is "partly about the genius of Musk." McCombie says Musk's combative statements are "an embarrassment and I wish he wouldn't do it," but goes on to speculate that, had the famously outspoken auto industry pioneer Henry Ford had something like Twitter to express himself with, Musk's tweets "would be pretty mild in comparison."

"You might not like Musk, and I'm not condoning what he did, but you can't deny
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