Tesla Quietly Revises Electric Drive Units On Model S, X

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News Story Source: insideevs.com by Steven Loveday
About those performance upgrades to the Tesla Model S and X that we mentioned last week … Not only will Tesla's vehicles see the impressive boost in range and power, but also the system updates should move toward making the electric drive system last even longer.

We already knew that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was working toward making Tesla powertrains last a million miles. It's not a hard concept to consider, since the systems that power electric cars is super-simple in comparison to the significant complexity of an ICE powertrain.

Sure, like anything else that's battery-operated, the battery will eventually need replacing, but not for a very long time. But, the motor itself could potentially last well beyond the lifespan of the car, or any human on the planet. It's honestly infinitesimal.

Consider that old electric box fan than you inherited from your grandparents, and has been running nearly 24/7 at the cottage for some hundred years, or any variety of elec
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