Tesla Dodges New Mexico Restrictions by Opening New Store and Service Center on Tribal Land

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News Story Source: https://fee.org by Patrick Carroll
Tesla's business model is unique in many respects. From its reliance on green energy credits to its frantic pursuit of self-driving technology, there are many things that make the automaker stand out in the industry. But one of the company's lesser known idiosyncrasies is that it only sells its vehicles directly to customers. It never goes through third-party dealerships.

The problem for Tesla is that many states prohibit or severely limit this practice, meaning Tesla owners often have to drive to a different state to buy and service their vehicles. Recently, however, Tesla found a creative solution to this problem in New Mexico.

"Tesla has opened its first store and repair shop on Native American land," the New York Post reports, "dodging car dealership laws that have stymied its expansion plans across the country. The Elon Musk-helmed carmaker opened a store and service center [in] Namba Pueblo, a tribal area about 25 minutes
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