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We all say it. “I can speak the truth and they just never seem to hear it no matter how clearly I put it. The cognitive dissonance is just too much to break through.” 
We tell people to turn off their televisions and to pay scant attention to the mainstream news. Now learn why ~ in fine spiritual detail. The conversation runs the gamut but is fascinating. I know I will be giving it a second listen. The education I received was so broad that I need to go back and take notes! 
In this video, Jeanice Barcelo and her guests discuss television mind control in a way you have probably not been aware of before. Once you understand the depth of the woven spell within which you exist, you see what we are up against. This is truly an amazing interview if you wish to understand your most basic programming that holds you in to this reality and eventually what we can do to bring about change. 
Hypnotic countdowns, mnemonic circles, sigils, symbolism that are part of our everyday lives and have the power to alter your mind. These folks go deeper into the rabbit hole than many might be comfortable with. We know who is behind all of this, of course. The main reason for my posting this information is that the only way you can break conditioning is if you know just where to start working and there is so much good information here! 

Jeanice Barcelo


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