Tech giants pushing for "centralized censorship" to activate coordinated, universal…

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(Natural News) After the 2016 Presidential election, independent publishers, conservative bloggers, and free thinkers on the web have faced extreme censorship from the Tech giants – Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, etc. These social media juggernauts have the power to stop the flow of any news they consider "fake." They have filters and algorithms that systematically block specific terms, content, and videos. They have the power to shadow ban users based on the ideas they share, the words they use, and the beliefs they espouse. Social media companies have used "hate speech" policies to marginalize specific viewpoints and have them blocked. There is no such thing as a free and open internet any longer. When a social media company says they want to combat "Russian propaganda" or stop "misinformation," they are endorsing an official narrative, forcing it on the public, and censoring out any dissent or other perspective on the matter.

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