Tear Down this Plexiglass!

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News Story Source: http://www.ronpaulinstitute.org, by anthony gill
Allow me to explain. On Monday, June 16, I was finally given government permission to return to the gymnasium that I had been affiliated with for over two decades. It actually is a satellite branch built in a large warehouse separate from the main facility. This smaller, "grittier" gym has more free weights to lift, tires to flip, and heavy bags to punch. I go for the boxing.

I also go for the people. The desk staff knows me pretty well, so much so that I get a "special" set of towels. They like that I usually come in with some quirky remark that generates a chuckle or two. Every time I enter, my goal is to get them to laugh. There is always some chit-chat. Each day I find out a little bit more about the staff, and they discover a little bit more about me – where they went out the night before, what muscles are aching me today.

But now there is plexiglass.

When I arrived on Monday, the first time back in at least fourteen weeks, I had to first go to a
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