Swooshes Signal Illuminati Allegiance

brotherhoodss01_02.jpgby Dan who writes:      In the age of copyrights, why do all these logos feature the Freemason crescent moon and horizon in the form of a swoosh??

Coincidence? I think not.  Freemasonry is a Synagogue of Satan. Baphomet, the pagan devil, has a crescent moon on the top left and bottom right. There been many other symbols like the evil eye and pyramid but now they all having same crescent moon.     They have infiltrated all media , schools, companies . This is their way of secretly communicating.


First comment from Martha:

You need to add Kaiser Permanent to your corporate logo list !

Kaiser logo is a silhouette of three people with a sunburst in front
of them. This HMO would love to be the one to implement the “national
healthcare ” program!



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