Swedish Office Workers Lured Into Receiving RFID Implants

BBC Reporter Microchipped

Among 700 workers located at an innovative new office complex in Stockholm, Sweden, have generously been offered the chance to receive the latest and greatest in RFID technology in the form of a small microchip implanted under their skin.

Epicenter, which aims to attract established tech giants such as Microsoft and Google, plans to do away with the ‘inconvenience’ of swipe cards by surgically chipping it’s workers to allow them to freely perform all manner of wonderful tasks like opening doors and operating photocopiers. Hands and fingers, in this digital era it seems, are incredibly overrated.

Rory Cellan-Jones, a useful idiot reporting on Epicenter’s sinister visualisation for our friends over at the BBC apparently ‘volunteered’ to be chipped (presumably in a foolish attempt to prove to the uninformed how ‘harmless’ and ‘safe’ the completely unnatural process is) yet was caught on camera wincing in horror as he received his new technologically enslaving souvenir, alongside the Chief Executive of the development who was implanted live on stage.

The whole Orwellian affair was organised by a group of Swedish ‘bio-hackers’ who’s vision is to microchip as many unwitting individuals as possible, with their frontman, Hannes Sjorblad, being convinced the practice is here to stay due to it’s huge potential for what he calls ‘life blogging’, linking the implants with the current trend of wearable fitness technology being widely adopted by the oblivious masses.

It’s not yet known what the uptake of the RFID implant scheme will be but with the likes of the CEO himself getting chipped along with the BBC uncritically presenting it as something relatively innocuous, it’s unlikely there will be much skepticism employed by those destined to become the elite’s beta guinea pigs of the New World Order.

Evidently, the concept of microchipping the masses no longer resides within the realm of mere conspiracy, it’s very much a reality and according to the early adopters and advocates of it, it’s one that’s here to stay. For the rest of us then, it’s time to either mindlessly augment or relentlessly resist. The choice (for now at least) is yours.

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